HOW: I did this blog

Posted by Daniel on September 5th at 9:46pm

For a long time, I think like every developer, I had the interest on having a personal blog. I wanted to be known or at least have something to show when someone ask me about my work or projects.

Since I don't have to much time to invest on writting it from scratch I started to look which would be the best of the easiest, popular and free solutions I know, Wordpress and Blogger.

Both options are free and very easy to handle, a few clicks and forms filled and you have you blog ready to go. But as everything that is free I started to notice thinks I didn't like.

The basic thinks I didn't like about was the way the handle the code on the posts. The themes were not that great. And even when my name is not common they didn't show in the first pages of Google even when Blogger is from Google.


I already had time with and OpenShift account, I used it most of the time to try new thinks or test stuff. To be honest I like it but I never take it too serious.

Making some research I found Spress project, I'm not fully sure if I found it just looking for frameworks or on my Feedly or because I found that OpenShif had a cartridge of it.


After watching what this was about I liked it. They don't have a lot of themes, but most of the ones they have I like it. And they have an easy way to write posts and handle code, which I love!.

So after some documentation read, some tests and one domain bought I had my blog setup even with Google Analytics.

I had it for free, I only have 1 gb storage on OpenShift since I'm still using my free account, but I'm planning to scale it as long as I start to write more and run out of space.

I will try to make in the future a How To of the setup I did on OpenShift nad how I work on it.